How It Works

In these unprecedented times, families are under tremendous stress trying to balance work with childcare, including playing with small children or supervising older kids' online schoolwork.

Why are we taking on this impossible task all alone?

Let's share the burden.

Family Pod Match connects families together based on their kids' grade level and school (though ages 0-5 are also accommodated), household's COVID safety practices, and the family's childcare needs. Matched families can take turns providing childcare in their homes or decide on one home as a "homebase." The service can also be used to build up larger "school pods" of multiple families to support their school's distance learning efforts, nanny-share, emergency childcare, or simply to find an occasional playmate for kids for much-needed social interaction.

Step 1

Your family fills out a 5-minute survey to capture your zip code, child's grade level, school, your household's COVID practices and home environment, and scheduling needs. Your information stays strictly confidential and is encrypted.

Step 2

We manually match you up with one other family in your area, based on your preferences, needs, and home situation. We do the matching exercise once a week, to give the database enough time to reach critical mass, or fill up with enough families to make good matches for a quarantine pod or bubble.

Step 3

You receive an email with basic information about your matching family: their child's first name, grade level, and the parent's first name and email address. You are then free to reach out with an introductory hello and set up an outdoor or virtual meetup to get to know each other. There is no obligation to proceed further after this.

Step 4

You work out expectations and a childcare schedule with your match, whether it's 1 hour or 40 hours a week. Happy kid. Happy employer. Not-stressed you. .

There’s a tendency to withdraw, to go into our cave and to just sort of wait for the disaster to be over and then we’ll come out. But we need to come out now and figure out how to...connect to other people.

If we can do that, we can go through this period with resilience.

Dr. Donna Rockwell, Clinical Psychologist



of working parents rely on daycare or school for their childcare needs


of companies have NOT reduced their employees' workload in response to COVID.


of parents are stuck in a work-childcare balancing act.


of parents say managing distance/online learning is a significant source of stress.