A first-of-its kind solution to parenting in the age of COVID.

We help families form quarantine bubbles or pods with other local families for:

Shared childcare

Take turns watching kids in one another's homes or pick one house as a "homebase" for childcare.

School pod

Appoint a parent or teacher to physically lead a group of students in their distance learning assignments, to supplement (not replace) online school

Nanny share

More affordable--and social--than a private nanny

Social pod

For regular or even just occasional playdates

Emergency Use

Have backup childcare for work or health emergencies

Shared childcare is a wonderful option for our kids

Disclaimer: Family Pod Match, LLC is strictly a matching service. It cannot be held liable for any injury or illness that may occur as a result of using the service. Please follow official health guidelines and do due diligence to keep your family healthy and safe.